La voyageuse: infusion for rolling in bulk (500 gr)

    La voyageuse: infusion for rolling in bulk (500 gr)

    Categorie : CBD Flowers Solid CBD Alimentation
    Prix conseillé : €143.01

    La voyageuse is available in bulk in 500g bags. This natural nicotine-free substitute will certainly appeal to CBD consumers. 100% natural, this product will allow CBD flower or CBD resin enthusiasts to enjoy this quality product.

    Infusion to roll La Voyageuse

    You want a quality product? Discover la voyageuse which is the ideal alternative. This blend can be consumed on its own, but it will taste even better with hemp. You can enjoy this natural substitute at wholesale prices at your CBD supplier.

    Ingredients of the La Voyageuse blend

    Raspberry leaves, corn stigma, sage, sweet woodruff.

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