L'exploratrice : Infusion for rolling in bulk (500 gr)

    L'exploratrice : Infusion for rolling in bulk (500 gr)

    Categorie : CBD Flowers Solid CBD Alimentation
    Prix conseillé : €77.36

    A 100% natural nicotine free substitute that will be perfect for enjoying CBD products like CBD flowers or CBD resins. This natural blend will suit anyone looking for a natural product. Available in 500g packs

    The ingredients of this natural substitute

    The exploratrice rolling tea is made of raspberry and hazelnut leaves only. This product is handcrafted in France with organic ingredients for the most natural result. Take advantage of this natural substitute at wholesale prices.

    How to use the exploratrice blend? 

    This natural substitute can be used in many different ways. You can consume this blend alone to enjoy all its flavours but also in combination with your CBD for a more enjoyable experience. CBD flowers or CBD resins have never tasted as good as with this natural, chemical-free product.

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